Innovative Inspection Management

In an era of health emergency, such as the one we are facing due to Covid-19, normal work and social activities are also strongly impacted.

In our work, which is not only made of mere bureaucratic practices but also and, above all, of external activity, with consequent human relationships, keeping the distance is not so easy, even if by now indispensable.

For this reason, our C&P company, with the utmost respect for safety and the provisions of the Law, has taken alternative solutions that allow us to maintain contact with the Insured, transmitting a message of closeness and availability.

The protection of the virtuous Insured is one of the first objectives of our Company: for this reason, we have choosen the use of technologies that achieve, under all the points concerning our specific activity, the health, well-being and tranquility of the Insured, in addition of course to the quality of work that we have always guaranteed to our customers.

These technologies allow to make a first remote inspection at the initial step of the investigation, as soon as the accident has been reported. To this extend, a software has been developed that allows us to view the situation from the back office and from the home office, and by mean of IT devices to perform the first assessment of the situation.

The remote connection with the interested parties allows us to view the damage and crystallize the situation, dealing with the people involved immediately possible and transmit a sense of closeness and security to the Insured.

As it use a georeferenced connection, this technology gives the certainty the position of the device of the insured in order to compare it with the location of the insured risk, without the possibility of disputes in the subsequent stages of the assessment.

phone map

The video call contact will also allow to assist the Insured by immediately making available the expertise of C&P, not only by resolving recovery plan issues but also by operational advice on loss mitigation activities.

In full compliance with GDPR, the informations collected are managed in real time and downloaded to our systems. C&P is among the first loss adjusting companies in Italy to comply with the GDPR (Inside the site you will find our policy).

If, for any reason, the use of the remote inspection system is not possible, our experts have been equipped and trained to use all the personal protective equipment, i.e. masks, suits, boots and disposable gloves: PPE that were already used in the assessment of complex claims even before the pandemic.